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Jessica Warren, EdS, LMFT


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT #1172) in Colorado currently practicing in North Denver. Before moving to Colorado in 2012, I received my Masters and Education Specialist degree from the University of Florida majoring in Marriage and Family Therapy.

My journey to this work began before graduate school. I would say my first experience of understanding family dynamics began around the dinner table; I was fascinated with communication patterns, how certain behaviors elicited responses in others and myself and always curious about connection and disconnection from others and self. My own experience as client was also formative in “choosing” this path. This was a space where I learned of our amazing capacity to heal and grow in relationship with others and ourselves.

My greatest teachers have been (and continue to be) my mentors, supervisors, therapists, family, friends (known and unknown) and my clients. My clients have taught me the real work of therapy—lessons on resilience, movement from disempowerment to empowerment, how we manage conflict and the power of owning and expressing vulnerability in relationship with ourselves, in our relationships and in the world.

My approach is humanistic and strengths based. I work through a family systems lens, utilize emotion focused therapy (EFT) and incorporate and integrate somatic awareness, mindfulness practices and gestalt interventions into the session, when appropriate. 


My clinical experience includes working with individuals, couples and families in community behavioral health, inpatient, outpatient, and in-home settings. 


My areas of expertise include:

Relationship issues-- relationship formation or dissolution, premarital, marital or divorce, family conflict

Mood disorders-- anxiety, depression

Life transitions—identity, shifting family form, birth/death/grief and loss


I am an AAMFT Supervisor Candidate and provide clinical supervision for LPC or LMFT candidates working towards state licensure. Currently, this is the core of my practice and continues to be a source of learning. I really enjoy partnering with and supporting therapists as they develop and grow in a field where support is integral.


I welcome your call and can be reached directly at: (720) 588-2210. I offer a 30 minute phone consultation at no cost if you're interested in discussing therapy or supervision.