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Leslie Huddart

Is a healer, speaker and teacher who helps women make breakthroughs in their health, life and relationships so they can be confident and purposeful and feel better than they thought possible. She’s been called “The Body Whisperer” and combines her background in spiritual and energy practices with her medical degree in oriental medicine to release hidden blockages and create true transformations where other methods and therapies have failed. She has studied Reiki and Shiatsu in Japan, Yoga in India, and was an Herbal Pharmacy Supervisor and substitute faculty at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland. 

Specialties include Mind-Body-Acupuncture-Herbal Approaches to:

·         Headaches

·         Internalizing Stress

·         Digestive Disorders

·         Building Inner Confidence

·         Anxiety and

·         Developing Inner Peacefulness