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June 1st, 2017









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Treat Family Allergy Symptoms with Acupuncture and Natural Remedies

Treat Family Allergy Symptoms with Acupuncture and Natural Remedies

April 13, 2016


Robert Ogarek M.S., LAc., Dipl.O.M.



Over the last 50 years, the number of allergic diseases and disorders has continued to rise in the industrialized world. Today, 40 to 60 million Americans are affected by some type of allergy and the numbers continue to grow, especially in children. Allergies can cause blocked and runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and an impaired sense of smell. For some people, allergies can be life threatening, leading to inflammation and shortness of breath if left untreated.


If the immune system and inflammation within the body was balanced, the reaction to the allergen would be normal; however, today these reactions are exaggerated and lead to the next unneeded allergic reaction.


Our goal with the Open Forum Event for Family Allergies and Relief is to provide people with an opportunity to speak with experts about how Acupuncture, Nutrition & Essential Oils can help to reduce allergy symptoms, bring ease and shorten the duration



Allergies and Acupuncture’s Role:


We experience allergy symptoms when our body comes in contact with a stimulus we are sensitive to. These substances are normally harmless, but if you have an allergy to it, indicators will arise.


For example:


Ragweed pollen is typically harmless, but if you are sensitive to this substance a flare up upon contact will present. The runny nose, red itchy eyes and scratchy throat arise because the person's immune system jumps into overdrive. The body's system works to flush out the “pathogen”. The unfortunate part is those annoying symptoms we experience are unnecessary. The allergen is not the problem typically it is the bodies overreaction to it that is.


In Chinese medicine the view is that the external pathogen enters the body due to unbalanced zang/fu and wei or zheng qi is weak. The lung is in charge of the wei qi or protective qi. The lung is the most external of the zang organs with direct contact to the outside world. The goal of treatment is to strengthen the lung and support other areas based on presentation.


Allergies and Essential Oils Role:


One of the most amazing benefits of essential oils are their ability to fight inflammation and boost the immune system. Essential oils for allergies will help to detoxify the body and fight infections, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms and harmful toxins. They reduce the bodies susceptibility to outside sources and reduce the overreaction of the immune system when it is faced with a harmless intruder. Some exceptional essential oils even work to relieve respiratory conditions and increase sweat and urination — helping with the elimination of toxins.


Essential oils with antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms so that you can enjoy the changing seasons!


Here are a few at home essential oil recipes to help ease your seasonal allergy symptoms:


Recipe 1: Apply 1 drop of peppermint on the base of the neck two times a day. Tap the thymus (located just below the notch in the neck) with pointer fingers. Diffuse peppermint.


Recipe 2: For allergy rashes and skin sensitivity, apply 3 drops lavender, 6 drops Roman chamomile, 2 drops myrrh, and 1 drop peppermint on location.


Recipe 3: Diffuse 2 to 3 drops of lavender, peppermint, lemon, pure therapeutic essential oils throughout the day. This blend is also blended together, called Tri-Ease for convienant daily use. 



Allergies, Nutrition and Lifestyle's Role:


Four Holistic Health protocols for improving or supporting the Immune System:


  1. Learn more about your specific gut microbiome. Like your fingerprints, no two people have the same microbiome.

  2. Phytonutrients as a key to Immune Strength

  3. Allergic Reactions and your Immune System

  4. Stressful Living



EFT Group Tapping Offer

As summer comes to an end it seems that many people quite naturally start to return to more of what’s going on inside – both actually and metaphorically. I’m writing to let you know about a group offer that may be of interest to amazing women you know. Perhaps you have friends, relatives or colleagues who are struggling with any number of stressful life challenges. Their struggles may fall into any number of categories. Examples are loss or grief; parenting issues; relationship problems; employment or job stress; career dissatisfaction, chronic illness, or a general sense of lack of fulfillment or future promise in any area of life. Along with these challenging situations usually come an uncomfortable range of emotions and negative self-talk that are difficult to identify and manage. Far too often one may conclude that “There must be something wrong with me for feeling this way. I just have to get through this to the best of my ability and not bother anyone else about it.” That limiting, isolating and depressing judgment need not stand!

My group offer, the “Personal Peace Procedure”, is a dynamic process designed to help participants heal the affects of negative life experiences and to gain emotional and mental freedom from them. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques of EFT tapping along with guided journaling participants have the opportunity to become aware of their self-limiting beliefs, many of which were innocently formed in childhood. They’ll learn how some beliefs became a basis for self-sabotaging behaviors or decisions later in life. They’ll discover how the threads and patterns of these negative events and beliefs have contributed to their current life struggles. Together we’ll use EFT tapping to clear emotional charges around those past events while transforming old limiting beliefs to ones that serve greater self-acceptance and self-appreciation. This dynamic group process is done in a safe, respectful and confidential manner.

This group is for those who want to take away an empowering self-help tool being used by life coaches and therapists all over the world. At the end of the three weekly group sessions participants will be on their way to a life-changing experience.

I’m forming groups for three consecutive Monday or Wednesday evenings beginning September 22nd. I’m also open to other days and times. Group size is limited to eight participants and will take place in my home in the Highlands of Northwest Denver. I’m also willing to come to another location if someone wants to “host” a group and gather participants. Learning these techniques with a trusted “tapping” partner is another potential opportunity. Additionally, a host or any participant will receive a $25 credit towards her investment for each additional participant she recruits to a group.

I’m attaching a shorter description of the group as a “flyer” if you wish to share it that way. I’m also attaching a brochure about me, Emotional Freedom Techniques and my services. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider how you might be interested in helping someone you care about


Acupuncture for back to School Stress

September 2nd, 2014


Back to school can be a bitter sweet time for both parents and children. Kids are excited to see their friends from last year and parent's are excited to have the kids back in a regular routine. The transition from Summer vacation to school can be a time filled with questions from will I like my new classmates to will I be able to keep up with the homework. Parents tend to worry about the same things, but even more. The first few days and weeks of transitioning can be emotionally brutal


The most common emotions to experience during this time are anxiety, frustration, and sadness. We begin to notice that our tolerance is low and emotions are sitting more on the surface. Commonly our sleep will be impacted and our responses to change are not our desired response.


The important thing to remember are the coping skill we have used that worked. Whether it be meditation, massage, Acupuncture, yoga, hiking, biking, fishing whatever helps us to better manage these challenging emotions during this time of transition. Eventually we begin to develop a routine and emotions begin to fall in place one way or another.


In Chinese Medicine The Seven Emotions are anger, fear, shock, joy, pensiveness, worry and sadness. The organs Correlating to each emotion respectively are:


  • Anger-Liver

  • Fear-Kidneys

  • Shock-Heart/Kidneys

  • Joy-Heart

  • Pensiveness-Spleen

  • Worry-Lungs/Spleen

  • Sadness-Lungs


Seven emotions are from Student Manual on the Fundamentals of Traditional Oriental Medicine, By Tyme L.A.c


The effect of these organs being disturbed is circulation of blood and qi are disrupted in the body. When the blood and qi are unable to flow through the body normally dysfunction occurs. Symptoms which may arise are headaches, night sweating, palpitations, flushed face, dizziness, tinnitus, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and digestive issues.


The goal of Acupuncture is to help facilitate the proper movement of blood and qi through the organ systems of the body. When the blood and qi flow normally our mind and body become balanced. A balanced mind and body are better able to handle this time of transition. Whether it be driving in traffic, trying to get socks on your child, or trying to find clean socks we strive for our energy to flow smoothly and harmoniously.




The Acupuncturist role is to insert needles based on the patient's presentation and chief complaint. The point prescription is established based on questions ranging from physical, mental, and body functionality. If areas are deficient or in excess points will be chosen to either strengthen or sedate the balance of energy. Once the energy is balanced the body and mind are able to relax.


Like so many things in life we need balance. Balance the checkbook, balance the kids education and extracurricular activities through their journey, and in order to do a good job at this we need to balance ourselves. Once we balance ourselves we are ready to balance whatever comes our way.


Robert Ogarek


Lotus Studio- Center for Acupuncture & Wellness

M.S., L.Ac, Dipl.O.M







Acupuncture for Endurance

Many patients have gained a quicker recovery  from personal injury-allowing little interruption to their athletic training protocols whether it be for running, biking, or Hiking a 14er.  Here is an article to support this 

New research demonstrates that acupuncture prevents fatigue and enhances athletic endurance. Acupuncture benefits athletic performance. Scientists measured the effects of three acupuncture points on the swimming task ability and liver mitochondrial function of laboratory rats in a highly controlled investigation. The results revealed that the normal control group and model group had significantly shorter swimming exhaustion times than the acupuncture group, which demonstrated objective improvements in athletic endurance. The acupuncture group also demonstrated improvements in liver mitochondrial-respiratory function with a significantly lower oxygen consumption rate than the normal control and model groups. The acupuncture group also demonstrated significant improvements in the liver mitochondrial respiratory control rate (RCR) and the ratio of phosphorus to oxygen (P/O).

 The researchers measured additional interesting findings. They compared acupuncture point prescriptions. Group 1 received electroacupuncture at CV4 (Guanyuan) and ST36 (Zusanli) plus manual acupuncture stimulation at GV20 (Baihui). Group 2 received electroacupuncture at CV3 (Zhongji) and SP9 (Yinlinquan) and manual acupuncture stimulation at Yintang (EX-HN3). Group 1 demonstrated significantly better scores than group 2 thereby demonstrating that the CV4, ST36, GV20 acupuncture point prescription has markedly greater anti-fatigue effects.

The investigators note that the treatment principle for the CV4, ST36, GV20 acupuncture point prescription is Shuanggu Yitong, “strengthening both the congenital foundation and the acquired constitution and regulating the yang-qi of the body.” The measurements were geared to quantify the anti-fatigue effects of the point prescription by measuring physical activity capabilities and liver functions in laboratory rats. The researchers concluded that, “Electroacupuncture of CV4 and ST36 plus manual acupuncture stimulation of GV20 can improve the anti-fatigue capability in aging rats with yang-deficiency, which may be related to its effects in reducing liver mitochondrial oxygen consumption and increasing liver mitochondrial RCR and ratio of P/O.”

Another study took a different tack to determine if acupuncture has beneficial effects on bodily strength and endurance. Researchers from the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience discovered that acupuncture controls the heart rate and increases the strength of cardiac autonomic function. The research indicates that specific acupuncture points may help to prevent heart attacks (myocardial infarctions) and arrhythmias.

Researchers conducted a study of acupuncture points CV17 (Shanzhong) and CV16 (Zhongting). Needling acupoint CV17 decreased the heart rate and increased the power of the high-frequency component of the HRV (heart rate variability), an index of the body’s ability to maintain control of the heart beat rate and rhythm through vagus nerve activity. The researchers conclude that CV17 “causes the modulation of cardiac autonomic function.” CV16 did not change the HRV or demonstrate the same level of beneficial effects on the heart rate as CV17. CV17 is able to activate the autonomic nervous system to control the heart rate by increasing vagal activity. Depressed HRV after MI, a heart attack, reflects a decrease in vagal activity and leads to cardiac electrical instability. Since acupuncture at CV17 increases the cardiac vagal component of HRV, it is an important acupuncture point for patients recovering from MI.

Wang, H., J. Liu, J. M. Liu, J. F. Lü, M. Y. Chen, and J. Z. Wang. "Effect of electroacupuncture stimulation of" Guanyuan"(CV 4), bilateral" Housanli"(ST 36), etc. on anti-fatigue ability and liver mitochondrial respiratory function in ageing rats with Yang-deficiency." Zhen ci yan jiu= Acupuncture research/[Zhongguo yi xue ke xue yuan Yi xue qing bao yan jiu suo bian ji] 38, no. 4 (2013): 259.

Kurono Y, Minagawa M, Ishigami T, Yamada A, Kakamu T, Hayano J. Auton Neurosci. Acupuncture to Danzhong but not to Zhongting increases the cardiac vagal component of heart rate variability. 2011 Apr 26;161(1-2):116-20. Epub 2011 Jan 7.



- See more at:


Welcome Higher Heart Harmony

Welcome to a new way of living life where you gift yourself time to expand, evolve and immerse yourself in the number one person on this planet: YOU! 

I am so honored to offer unique experiences, technology and information that provides new insights and healing for those who choose.  I believe in the wise words of Shakespeare;  "To thine own self be true" and  Einstein; "True learning is gained through experience.  Everything else is information". 

I am available for Skype sessions and at the below two locations.
Joyful Wishes for your Best Well-Being,
Lea Renay
Inspired Creator


Mondays and Tuesdays in Denver at

3535 West 44th Ave ~ Denver, CO 80211
Cottage of Well-Being
116 E. 3rd Street ~ Eagle, CO 81631
By Appointment Only


Lea Renay
~Inspired Creator~
"I see a world where everyone is awakened to their greatest self  When we focus on the truth within, we are set free to remember our souls purpose and live a life of joy, love and contribution. My key purpose is to create and hold the space for individuals to connect to their teacher and healer within through unique Energy Experiences that assist in bringing the emotional body to a natural harmony."
Lea is dedicated to helping individuals on their personal growth and self mastery path.  Her unique healing art includes:
-    Arcing Light Bridge
-   Consciousness Coach
-   Crystals and Essential Oils
-   Guided Visualization
-    Intuitive Channel
-   Lifestream Practitioner
-   Matrix Energetics
-   Reiki Master
-   Spiritual Energy Conduit
-   Trinity Facilitator
-  Yoga Instruction
 Lea has created a new paradigm for self-growth through combining one of a kind quantum technology, unique energy experiences and exotic crystals.  Her simple healing philosophy is “we are here to BE, experience LOVE and find our TRUTH!” Lea is a conduit of light and sees a world where everyone is empowered with the tools to heal oneself.  She has learned the value of taking time out to find out who she is and wants others to embrace going within for self-mastery.   
Before her cottage journey, Ms. Renay graduated with a Marketing degree/Psychology minor and worked for two marketing research firms, the Nine West Group, PictureTel and Very Fine Juice Products.  Not feeling inspired or on purpose, Lea left the corporate world in the fall of 2000, to follow one of her passions…acting. Having the artistic bug since she was a child, she attended various acting schools in Boston and New York, filmed a dozen of commercials, and had lead roles in two Off-Broadway plays.  During her first full-time acting gig, Lea had the privilege of traveling to schools in Massachusetts performing the lives of inspirational women; Helen Keller, Clara Barton, Marie Curie and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  These portrayals touched her heart and further inspired her to her life’s purpose.
She moved from Boston to New York City in 2004 to advance her theatrical career, however, in NY she discovered her destined role; a facilitator of self-healing.  She was introduced to Reiki where she had a beautiful white light experience during her first attunement and has continued to learn with the teachings of Ekart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Carolyn Myss,Doreen Virtue, Dr. DeMartini, Louise Hay and Abraham to name a few.
Always making room to grow, Lea attended T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive.  She quickly became an entrepreneur and created a unique Triad business model.  At the end of one of his seminars she was invited to a crystal store to try out Arthur Franklin’s light table.  The healing she had on this technology was so profound that it was the beginning of her holistic healing studio.  This experience led her to research more quantum healing equipment and the vision went from one chamber to four different experiences in only eleven weeks. Also in New York, Lea was inspired to create energetic healing jewelry.  She has created chakra bracelets, Lotus earrings and a Lotus signature charm for each piece with the engraved words Lakshmi Love. Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance and she wants all to experience a great field of love when worn.


"Chronos is clocks, deadlines, watches, calendars.  Chronos keeps track... Chronos is the world's time. Kairos is transcendence, infinity, reverence, joy, passion, love; the Sacred....Kairos is Spirit's time. We exist in chronos. We long for kairos. That's our duality.  We do in chronos. In kairos we're allowed to be."-- Sarah Ban Breathnach
In this chamber, the Original Light Table™ awaits your presence to facilitate balancing and activation of the energetic meridian systems.The chamber is complimented by calibrated sound tubes based on 25 years of medical research.
The Original Light Table™ developed by Arthur Franklin, is an advanced technology based on quantum physics that greatly enhances your complete well-being on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
The table may assist you in the following areas:
Stress & Tension Reduction
Increased Creativity and Clarity
Renewed Sense of Self
Awakening to Purpose
Heart chakra opening
Celestial Remembrance
Past life awareness
Connection to galactic and angelic realms



 Embedded along the length of the center of The Original Light Table™ are 48 Phi Ratio heart-shaped “Container Lenses” (CL) each one houses 20 different formulas of Flower & Gem Essences, Plant extracts from the Rain Forest and Essential Oils totaling 960 formulas. Fifteen specific color tones reflect and match the energetic signatures of both the 7 and 12 chakra systems. This color system has 25 years of Western medical studies to support healing. These two components, the color lenses and CL are at the healing core of the Light Table and are supported by a Phi Ratio Infinity Geometric Grid™ implanted with sacred geometry, Holograms, and HOL™ Universal Holographic Words to further augment the energy, thus the reflected full spectrum light shinning down on the Phi Ratio Infinity Geometric Grid™, then passing through the CL of essences, the spectrum of colors. All contained in a aluminum Light Box that has been depolarized to make it energetically safe to the human energy field, then copper plates, then 18K plates inside, which serves as both a conduit of energy and an energetic boundary to enhance healing. Comfortable, relaxing and healing, The Original Light Table™ sends powerful vibrations through your body to create a complete mind/body/spirit experience that will invigorate your cells by increasing the photonic light 2-3 times in 10-50 min. and leave you feeling extraordinarily clear, energized and rejuvenated. Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) studies conducted on participants using The Original Light Table™ showed that the electrical charges of many organ systems, including the nervous system, lungs, large intestine and the cartilage system, tended to equalize or move into a more balanced state after 10 minutes of exposure. Clinical/monitored reports with volunteers using the bed indicated that those who were feeling stressed prior to a session on The Original Light Table™ experienced an increase of theta and delta brainwaves and a reduction of beta waves (physical tension), so they felt more calm and relaxed. Conversely, those who had reported feeling ‘spacey’ prior to a session showed a decrease in the slower brainwave patterns and a small increase in beta, which left them feeling more alert and present.