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Rolfing Massage

Stacie Scarbery studied Integrative Physiology and Kinesiology with the intent of continuing on to become a physical therapist and received her Bachelors of Science from CU Boulder. While always being drawn to more holistic and preventive modalities, halfway through her course studies at CU she began to actively explore and experience alternative medicines which led her to Rolfing. While still in college Stacie received the Rolfing ten series.  She then began attending The Rolf Institute and became a certified Rolfer while simultaneously earning her Bachelor of Science in 2005. It was during this time that her career path changed, and she decided to forgo P.T. school and focus more on a holistic approach, with a science background affording her credibility and an understanding from both sides of the spectrum. Over the years she has become an advocate for the Rolfing method and has continued to study the human body and wellness. 

Stacie's work in and out of the office continues to focus on the body and how it works. She completed her 200-hr Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training through the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Her Yoga Teacher Training and over 20 years experience as a yoga practitioner enables her to integrate both Rolfing and yoga concepts on a more personalized level for each client. She has also received her TRX certification and, again, implements her previous training to insure that athletes are using their bodies in the most efficient way. 
Her mission is to help people become self aware and excited about improving their health so that movement, structure and balance are efficient, comfortable and fluid.


Services Stacie Scarbery Provides (5):

    All Services
    Rolfing session w/o package
    90 min
    $ 135
    Free Consultation
    30 min
    $ 0
    30 minute decompression
    30 min
    $ 65
    Rolfing session w/package
    90 min
    $ 125
    60 minute decompression
    60 min
    $ 105